Vansh Mor, known mononymously as VNSH. Born on 28 September 2002 in the Indian capital, New Delhi.

Goes to St. Xavier's School in Delhi, develops an interest in art and music.


Discovers minimalism at the age of 14, starts designing 3d models and brand identities. Along with design, falls in love with Hip-Hop & R&B. Starts writing and producing music at 16.

Stops believing in formal education in high school, graduates in STEM in 2020. Decides to not go to a university for bachelors.

 Starts his first media venture, Rohini Times - A local newspaper based in Rohini, North West Delhi in April 2020.


Rohini Times eventually evolves into a full-fledged media company in one year.

named Rohin Media.

Highly experienced working professionals join Rohini Media in April 2021 and start providing branding and production solutions.

Steps down from CEO to Creative Director in May 2021.

Gets back to music and starts exploring other fields of interest like Artificial Intelligence, Organic farming & sustainable use of agricultural land, Fin-tech, and digital assets.

Locked in his room, trading cryptocurrencies, making beats, and trying to build the future, right now.